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  • Label: Wicked-Vision Media (in cooperation with Donau Film)
  • Release date: December 11, 2020
  • German HD premiere
  • Dub note: German dub includes new re-dub for dialog parts previously unavailable in German
  • 2-Disc Mediabook (three cover varieties) contains four versions of the film:
    • French long version for the first time completely dubbed into German (118min)
    • Export version in German and English (88min)
    • Reconstruction of the German theatrical version (85mins)
    • Director's Cut in SD (101min)
  • Extras: audio commentary along the French long version with Rolf Giesen and Gerd Naumann; Featurette: „Jess’s Demons“ – Ein Interview mit Jess Franco; Featurette: „Exorcising Demons“ – Filmhistoriker Stephen Thrower über den Film; Outtakes; German opening credits; opening without credits, gallery; German, French and English trailers; 24 page booklet by David Renske
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  • Label: Nucleus Films
  • Release date: 20 November 2017
  • Region B
  • French with Optional English Subtitles (118 mins
  • English "Export" Version (88 mins)
  • Extras: Exorcising Demons - Interview with Stephen Thrower; Jess's Demons - Interview with Jess Franco; 4 x Trailers (US, 2 x German, French - silent); Outtakes and Trims (Silent)
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