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  • A family man by day and Los Angeles' coolest pimp by night, his wife and kids know nothing of his double life. Everybody wants to cut the Baron out, police, rival pimps and the mob, but he's got an answer for every question, a block for every attack. Until someone tries to break in on his private life, that is when the Candyman turns from sweet to sour. Whatever happened to John Daniels? He appeared uncredited in Hit Man (1972) and went on to appear in the outrageous Black Shampoo (1975) and the awful Bare Knuckles (1977). Candy has got some excellent scenes, one of which has a real pimp playing pool as he raps "If you think you're flash I'm gonna take your cash aheh, aheh". Daniels looks great as the Baron and you won't find a sharper looking pimp. He wastes everyone who gets in his way as the mob and jealous pimps rough up his hos and try to muscle in on his action. He has machine guns which appear from the front of his swish pimp mobile and two handguns stuffed down his slacks. The Baron has a tough time of it but makes it safely home to his wife and kids at the end. She thinks he's just had a hard day at the office! An absolute classic, SEE IT. --Mark Banville
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