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  • Director Guerdon Trueblood and co-star Vince Martorano had been best friends at George Washington University in Virginia and, both being interested in the film industry, had a bet as to who would find success first. Trueblood became an in-demand writer for TV shows and movies-of-the-week, and when he got the job of directing "The Candy Snatchers," asked writer Bryan Gindoff to create the character of Eddy specifically for Martorano, who was working as a commercial fisherman when he was summoned by Trueblood to appear in the film.
  • Originally titled The Candy Snatch. The title was changed because said title made the movie sound like it was a porn film.
  • Shot at various locations without permits.
  • The house of Candy's parents belonged to director Richard Compton.
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