The Camp on Blood Island

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The Camp on Blood Island (1958, UK) is an Action-War-Drama-History film directed by Val Guest.

Camp on blood island poster 01.jpg

Main Details

  • Released on April 15, 1958 (London)
  • B&W
  • Running time: 82 minutes (81 minutes- USA)
  • Production Co.: Hammer Studios
  • Distribution Co.: Columbia Pictures
  • Directed by Val Guest
  • Written by Val Guest and John Manchip White
  • Starring: André Morell, Carl Möhner, Walter Fitzgerald

Plot Summary

  • Deep in Malaya, as World War II is rapidly coming to an end, men, women and children, trapped by the Japanese invasion, are held captive in the Blood Island prison camp. Knowing that Yamamitsu, the sadistic commandant, will murder them all when he learns of his country's defeat, Dutch, a Dutch planter, smashes the camp radio. British officer Lambert and, in the women's prison, the recently-widowed Kate, join Dutch in arming the prisoners.


  • "The War has the slaughter begins!"
  • Ruthless, brutal truth about the most barbaric prison camp in the annals of warfare!
  • Authenticated by the very few who survived the massacre in...
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