The Bushwhacker

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The Bushwhacker (1968, USA) is a Roughie film directed by Byron Mabe.


Main Details

  • Released in November 1968
  • Color
  • Running time: 86 minutes
  • Production Co: Eliot Enterprises
  • Distribution Co: Falcon Film Distributors (1968) (USA) (theatrical) (Western States)/Chancellor Films (1968) (USA) (theatrical) (Eastern States)/Chancellor Films (1968) (World-wide) (theatrical)
  • Produced and Directed by Byron Mabe (as B. Ron Eliot)
  • Starring Dan Martin, Merci Montello, Barbara Kline, Harvey Shain

Plot Summary

  • A crazy mountain-man shoots down a small passenger plane. He then proceeds to stalk, torture and kill the survivors.


  • Shocking! Adults Only!
  • An adult color spectacular
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