The Brain From Planet Arous

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The Brain From Planet Arous (1957, USA) is a Sci Fi film directed by Nathan H. Juran


Main Details

  • Released on October 1, 1957
  • B&W
  • Running time: 71 minutes
  • Production Co.: Marquette Productions Ltd.
  • Distribution Co.: Howco International Pictures
  • Directed by Nathan H. Juran as "Nathan Hertz"
  • Written by Ray Buffum
  • Produced by Jacques R. Marquette
  • Starring: John Agar, Joyce Meadows, Robert Fuller
  • Cinematography by Jacques R. Marquette
  • Music by Walter Greene

Plot Summary

  • An evil alien brain from the planet Arous hijacks the body of an Earth scientist in order to control the Earth.


  • It Will Steal Your Body And Damn Your Soul!
  • Science-Fiction's most astounding story!
  • The incredible space-brain invades a human body with its destructive evil power!
  • Fantastic! Fearsome!
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