The Boogey Man 2

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The Boogey Man 2 (1983, USA) is a Horror film directed by Bruce Pearn (as Bruce Starr), Suzanna Love, Ulli Lommel (uncredited)
  • Synopsis: Lacey travels to Hollywood, to the home of a film director, where she brings along the last surviving haunted mirror shard from the end of the first movie as proof to her horrifying experiences.
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Main Details

  • Released in 1983
  • Color
  • Running Time: 79 min | 83 min (extended)
  • Directed by Bruce Pearn (as Bruce Starr), Ulli Lommel (uncredited), Suzanna Love (uncredited)
  • Starring Suzanna Love, John Carradine, Ulli Lommel, Mickey Lombard, Shannah Hall, Sholto von Douglas, Bob Rosenfarb, Rhonda Aldrich
  • Produced by Mark Balsam, Jochen Breitenstein, David Dubay, James Glenn Dudelson, Ulli Lommel, Bruce Pearn
  • Music by Tim Krog
  • Cinematography by Philippe Carr-Forster, David Sperling
  • Film Editing by Terrell Tannen

Also Known As

  • Brazil - Boogeyman II
  • Chile (video title) El Hechizo Del Diablo II
  • Spain - Boogeyman 2
  • Finland - Tappajan paluu | The Boogeyman - Sakset kurkulla osa 2: Tappajan paluu | The Boogeyman osa 2: Tappajan paluu
  • UK (video box title) Revenge of the Bogey Man
  • Poland - Kto sie boi Czarnego Luda? cz. II
  • USA (video box title) Boogeyman 2 | (alternative title) Boogeyman II | (alternative title) The Boogeyman 2 | (alternative title) The Boogeyman II
  • Germany - The Boogey Man 2
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