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  • This is the best of the Franco/Lee films from The Late 60's, not counting the guest appearance in Eugenie. Lee is in top form, and thanks to the bigger budget, Franco showed what he could do including staging a battle scene that may remind some of his under noted work on the film Chimes of Midnight starring Orson Wells. The music is well-produced, and there is a guilty pleasure of watching Howard Vernon act over the top in the torture scenes. Riding on the Witchfinder General wave, Franco did very well with this film, and it is something to recommend to those looking for good examples of his work. --Screen 13
  • Once upon a time... in the year 1685, Lord George Jeffreys (Christopher Lee) is a top judge and he's chasing witches. His people torture women only after they plead guilty to witchcraft. Alicia Gray (Margaret Lee) is also found guilty of witchcraft. Her sister Mary Gray (Maria Rohm) asks the Lord to dismiss the death sentence, on the countermotion sex would have saved her life (but she refused). Later on she meets Harry Sefton (Hans Hass Jr.) and they fall in love. He's also in a rebellion army (they wanna oust the king from power), but they lose the first battle. They get captured and get thrown in the dungeon. After some torturing they escape and free everybody else. Meanwhile, the other rebels do a good job and the king moves outta the country. But Jeffreys wants to stay. Will he survive it? With a little bit more money Jess Franco could also do very good films. There are so many versions of the film out there. The longest version is the French one, but I read the German one has more nudity but is way shorter. Maria Schell is also in the movie. One of the few German actresses that starred in several international movies in the 60's and 70s. I saw her the last time in 99 Women (1969). This is an average film that's watchable. --GBS
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