The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance

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The Bloodsucker Leads The Dance (1975, Italy) is a Giallo film directed by Alfredo Rizzo.


Main Details

  • Released in 1975
  • Color
  • Directed by Alfredo Rizzo
  • Written by Alfredo Rizzo
  • Starring: Femi Benussi, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Krista Nell
  • Original Music by Marcello Giombini
  • Cinematography by Aldo Greci
  • Film Editing by Piera Bruni

Also Known As

  • Il Marchio di satana (Italy) (alternative title)
  • The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance
  • The Leaches Lead the Dance (Australia) (video title)
  • The Passion of Evelyn (USA)(dubbed version)
  • The Leaches Lead the Dance
  • The Mark of Satan


La sanguisuga conduce la danza (internationally released as The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance, The Leaches Lead the Dance, The Passion of Evelyn and The Mark of Satan) is a 1975 Italian giallo-horror film directed by Alfredo Rizzo. It is the last film starred by Austrian actress Krista Nell. Allmovie wrote, "In the hands of a better filmmaker, it might have been an interesting pastiche, or even played as a clever spoof, but Rizzo appears to have made the whole thing up as he went along", calling it "a fairly ordinary giallo thriller". (Wikipedia)

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