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  • Two enterprising doctors make a deal with each other; the first one to die must expose the secrets of the afterlife to the other, so that he may break the code of life's mysteries. Yet, tampering with mother nature is a never a good idea and the overzealous Dr. M doesn't realize the error of his ways until it's too late. This chilly little number boasts some very frightening scenes, particularly a hypnotic psychological treatment by music box and a rain-soaked resurrection finale that are startling in ways reminiscent of Carnival of Souls. Featuring crisp black and white photography and a fascinating look into Mexican culture and religion, The Black Pit of Dr. M is a wonderful example of the oft-forgotten world of Spanish-language horror and would make a great double-feature with Portugal's At Midnight, I'll Take Your Soul. --Mdeapo 01:57, 5 November 2008 (UTC)
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