The Black Angels

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The Black Angels (1970, USA) is a Blaxploitation-Biker film directed by Laurence Merrick.

The Black Angels

Main Details

  • Released in 1970
  • Color
  • Running Time: 87 min.
  • Distribution Co: Merrick International Films
  • Directed by Laurence Merrick
  • Written by Laurence Merrick
  • Starring Des Roberts, John King III, Linda Jackson, James Young-El, Clancy Syrko, Beverly Gardner
  • Produced by Leo Rivers
  • Original Music by Morgan Cavett
  • Cinematography by Laurence Merrick
  • Film Editing by Clancy Syrko

Also Known As

  • Agrio pidima tou thanatou (Greece)
  • Black Angels... die sich selbst zerfleischen (Germany)
  • Black Bikers from Hell


  • Cool It Baby!
  • God forgives. The Black Angels don't!
  • Exploding out of the slums, slamming into the establishment!
  • Brutally clashing head on in a fury of blood and burning rubber!
  • A portrait of the family.
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