The Big Cube

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The Big Cube (1969, USA) is a Drugsploitation film directed by Tito Davison


Main Details

  • Released in 1969 | Color
  • Running Time: 98 min
  • Distributed by Warner Bros.
  • Directed by Tito Davison
  • Produced by Francisco Diaz Barroso, Lindsley Parsons
  • Written by Edmundo Báez (story), Tito Davison (story), William Douglas Lansford (writer)
  • Starring Lana Turner, Karin Mossberg, George Chakiris, Daniel O'Herlihy, Richard Egan
  • Music by Val Johns
  • Cinematography by Gabriel Figueroa

Also Known As

  • Brazil - A Escrava da Alucinação | Brazil (alternative title) A droga que alucina | Spain - El Terrón de azúcar | Greece - Idiaiteres sheseis | Italy - Geometria di un delitto | Mexico - El Terrón de azúcar | Turkey (Turkish title) Sir Küpü | Germany - Dosierter Mord


  • Poor daddy. Bibi was just shedding her inhibitions. So he threw the gang out. He never should have done it. Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never.
  • Poor mama. She stood in the way of the $3,000,000 inheritance. So they spiked her medicine with the big cube. Poor, poor mama.
  • Johnny was a medical student who did it all with his chemistry set. And the things he did weren't very nice... weren't very nice... weren't very nice... weren't very nice.
  • Such nice kids. They wouldn't hurt a fly. Only people... people... people... people...
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