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  • The revised National Anthem lyrics are.... 'God save Mrs Ethel Shroake, Long live Mrs Ethel Shroake, God save Mrs Ethel Shroake of 393A High Street, Leytonstone'
  • According to Ronnie Barker's authorized biography Jack Shepard is dubbed by Barker.
  • Richard Lester is said to have been depressed that many of the outdoor locations were found so quickly, and needed so little modification.
  • Ethel Shroake was the Queen's Char Lady.
  • It is never explicitly stated who started the war, and who the British were fighting. It was, however, supposedly the shortest war in history.
  • The words "bomb" and "war" are very rarely said in the dialogue. Instead, with quintessentially English euphemism, the terms "misunderstanding", "unfortunate incident" etc are used.
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