The Attic

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The Attic (1980, USA) is a Horror film directed by George Edwards and Gary Graver. It is a spin-off of The Killing Kind.


Main Details

  • Released in October 1980
  • Color
  • Running time: 101 minutes
  • Production Co.: Forum Productions (Presents) | Attic Associations (in association with) (presents)
  • Distribution Co.: Atlantic Releasing Corporation
  • Directed by George Edwards and Gary Graver.
  • Written by Tony Crechales and George Edwards
  • Starring: Carrie Snodgress, Ray Milland, Ruth Cox

Plot Summary

  • A librarian devotes her life to caring for her wheelchair-bound tyrannical father after being stood up at the altar. She fantasizes about causing deaths of the men who most wronged her and finds joy only with her pet monkey. Her monkey disappears and a shocking past is revealed.


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