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  • Shot in 1973, but never released because investors found it too gruesome. A print was tracked down in 2018 by Daniel Kraus. It received a 4K restoration and the horror streaming service Shudder announced in Feb. 2021 they'd acquired the rights to show the film, and would premiere it later that summer.
  • An organization called the Lutheran Society hired George A. Romero to create a movie about elder abuse and the importance of showing respect to older people. When Romero presented the society with his surreal and frightening take on the subject, they were so shocked and horrified by what they saw that they hid the film and never showed it to anyone. It would be 45 years before the film would be seen again.
  • The film was shot on 16mm film stock at the now-defunct West View Park in West View, Pennsylvania.
  • Lincoln Maazel would later be cast in Romero's film Martin (1977).
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