The Aftermath

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The Aftermath (1982, USA) is a Post-Apocalyptic action-adventure film directed by Steve Barkett.


Main Details

  • Released in 1982 | Color | Runtime: 95 min
  • Production Co: The Nautilus Film Company
  • Directed by Steve Barkett
  • Written by Steve Barkett and Stanley Livingston
  • Starring: Steve Barkett, Lynne Margulies, Sid Haig, Christopher Barkett, Alfie Martin, Forrest J Ackerman, Jim Danforth, Linda Stiegler, Laura Anne Barkett, Larry Latham, Carol Lee Scott, Nelson Ackerman, Eric Caidin, Dick Miller (voice)
  • Produced by Steve Barkett and Ted V. Mikels
  • Original Music by John W. Morgan
  • Cinematography by Thomas F. Denove (as Tom Denove) and Dennis Skotak
  • Film Editing by Steve Barkett

Also Known As

  • Aftermath (UK)
  • De gjenlevende (Norway)
  • Nuclear Aftermath (Philippines)
  • Pelottomat (Finland)
  • Tajemnicze ladowanie (Poland)
  • Zombie Aftermath (UK) (video title)


Three astronauts return to Earth after a nuclear holocaust, although one dies in a crash landing. The two survivors, Newman (Steve Barkett) and Matthews, encounter some mutants before discovering that Los Angeles has been completely destroyed. Seeking shelter, the men take refuge in an abandoned mansion. Newman later encounters a young boy, Chris, hiding in a museum with the curator (Forrest J Ackerman). When the curator passes away, Newman takes Chris under his care. While out seeking supplies one day, Newman and Chris encounter Sarah, who is running from a gang of outlaw bikers led by Cutter (Sid Haig). These survivors decide to fight this gang in this post-apocalypse wasteland. (Wikipedia)

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