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When the clock strikes five o'clock, a group of men and women leave their dull, working lives behind and transport themselves to the hills to swim, make-out, play strip poker, drink, ride their motorcycles, rob, tell jokes and search for a pyramid made out of LSD. That's all. All in high campy fashion, by the way. And when it's all over, it's back to life on the job. Time has shown that there are sexy, trippy comedy flicks out there that tend to stand the test time. The Acid Eaters sadly doesn't fall into that category. This is the type of film where you'll be saying to yourself over and over again, "It will get better...It will get better" (Especially once you get past that horrid scene with the Indian and the cold shower) but you're better off at praying for there to be peace within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If there's one good thing I have to say about this is that it's only one hour long. Just enough time for a patient weird-movie-viewer like me to not go insane. - Laydback

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