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  • Set in the 1920’s (you wouldn’t know it with all that Frank Sinatra music on the soundtrack), this dark and often quite comical little tale revolves around a mourning widower who seeks vengeance on the surgeons who put his young wife in an early grave. To make matters even weirder, this lovelorn chap just so happens to wear a prosthetic face, play creepy organ jams to a room full of animatronic mannequins and off his victims in a fashion that resembles the biblical plagues. Taking on an almost dialogue free role, Price shows off his considerable acting chops while still chewing a little scenery to keep matters delightfully campy. The splashes of dark humor are a nice touch to what could have been an otherwise dreary and violent film and much credit is due to underrated television director Robert Fuest, who just so happens to deliver one of the most nerve-wracking endings in cinema history (which… correct me if I’m wrong, was “recycled” by one of those Saw movies). This drive-in staple is the perfect choice for those in the need of horror and laughs in equal doses. For a nice companion piece, try Theater of Blood. --Mdeapo 23:37, 26 August 2008 (UTC)
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