That Man Bolt/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by Charles Bernstein

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TRACK LISTING 01. Macao 02. Main Theme From That Man Bolt 03. Setup (Bolt Theme) 04. Bolt Leaves The Airport (Bolt Theme) 05. The Briefcase 06. Car Park (Bolt Theme) 07. Bolt Bolts (The Chase) 08. New Wheels 09. In Vegas To See Tony 10. She's A Lady (Teresa Graves) 11. In My Part Of Town (Teresa Graves) 12. Samanthas Theme (Dialogue) 13. Roulette14. Sam's Sweet Love (Killer Sneaks In) 15. Sam's Dead 16. Tony's Pad 17. Leaving for Hong Kong (Dialogue) 18. Bolt's On The Move (Hong Kong Airport) 19. The Bank Is In, Up To It's Distinguished Brittish Ass (Dialogue) 20. What Took You Boys So Long (Kho Hung Fireworks) 22. Accupuncture Torture (The Fight) 23. See The Man In The Bowler Hat 24. Fan Tan Bath House (The Monks OF Chen-Fu) 25. Bolt Searchs For Facts 26. Kumada's Banquet 27. Dominique Kuan's Bedroom 28. Happy New Year Mr Kumada 29. Kumada Sends Spider After Bolt (2nd Fight) 30. Tami's Garden (Baby San) 32. Fireworks (Happy New Year Kumada) 33. I'll Take It From Here (Dialogue) 34. On Land And Water (The Chase) 35. Kumadas Estate (Bolt Theme) 36. Death Of Spider (The Fight) 37. Back To The Airport 38. End Tiltles (Main Theme From That Man Bolt Reprise)

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