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Welcome to Jim Clark's (Debbie Does Dallas) first foray into directing hardcore. Teenage Pajama Party wastes no time as the opening credits roll while a variety of "teens" stroll through their inner city neighborhood and file into young Kim's (Candy Love) apartment for a slumber party. No sooner than the parents shut the door for their night out, the girls disrobe to a ripped off instrumental version of David Bowie's Fame. After a brief period of dancing they don their pajamas and gather around the telephone to listen to an obscene caller, an uncredited fat slob who masturbates while reciting a violent fantasy to one of the girls.

On a dare, the girls begin to make their own prank calls and their fantasies are acted out through a number of dream sequences. Each scene is voiced over with the girls voice and, in most cases, the tone is almost "story time" like which makes the scenes a little creepier than may have been intended. In addition, the soundtrack ranges from Dixie land brass band to rock that sometimes fits...and sometimes doesn't. The film comes complete with golden showers, food play, and trapeze sex. Unfortunately, for Teenage Pajama Party, top performers don't always add up to top performances.

The players include several notable stars from the golden age of porn including C.J. Laing who, by 1977, had already starred in nearly forty feature films. She was already known for taking on several violent roles in films such as Sex Wish (1976), The Taking of Christina (1976), Dominatrix Without Mercy (1976), as well as the notorious roughie Water Power (1977). Terri Hall also plays in one scene of Teenage Pajama Party. Although this film was done near the end of Hall's career, she had also appeared in Sex Wish and other notable oddities such as 1976's Alice In Wonderland: An Adult Musical Comedy as well as a lead role in Zebedy Colt's The Devil Inside Her (1977). Perhaps the heaviest hitter on the girl's crew would be Sharon Mitchell. Although she had a decent head start in hardcore prior to 1977, Mitchell would continue to perform with a total roster of nearly 500 films by 2000. A notable performance came in 1982, when Mitchell played the lead in the ultra-violent The Taming of Rebecca. Nevertheless, Mitchell didn't do porn only. She picked up bit roles in other genre films such as Maniac and Night of the Juggler both from 1980.

Two worthy mentions on the male side include Wade Nichols who, along with Zebedy Colt, helped to pioneer to early gay porn industry in the mid-1970s. Nichols' fist credited role was in David E. Durston's Boy-napped (1975). While Nichols mostly played straight roles, in 1978 he again appear in an all male film titled Manhole directed by Durston with legendary co-stars Zebedy Colt and Jamie Gillis. Manhole was credited with being the first full-length 35mm gay feature film shot in 3-D. Oddly enough, Nichols would wrap his acting career by appearing in 11 episodes of Edge of Night, one of the longest running half-hour soap operas in television history. Shortly before his death in 1984, Nichols would play in Blue Voodoo, which is credited with being one of the earliest direct to video hardcore films designed for home consumption.

A final mention for the incestuous cast of Teenage Pajama Party comes by way of cameo. Robert Kerman (billed as Sam Speed) plays a fireman in the same scene with Terri Hall. Kerman is perhaps one of the most interesting crossovers from Teenage Pajama Party. Trained as a professional actor, Kerman fell into hardcore in the early 1970s as most directors were trying to develop films with legitimate story lines. Originally, he played straight roles but eventually succumbed to performing sex scenes. Most notably, Kerman stepped out of hardcore in 1980 to play in two grindhouse classics--Cannibal Holocaust (1980) (as Harold Monroe) and Umberto Lenzi's homage/ripoff Doomed To Die of that same year (as Mark Butler). Kerman would continue his adult film career for several years up until 1985.

If anything, watch Teenage Pajama Party to observe the paper thin boundary between golden age hardcore and standard grindhouse classics. It's not a stellar film; it's trivial.

Reviewed by Texploited

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