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  • Three older men (Geoffrey Keen, Peter Sallis, John Carson) are living good lives married with children. But that is not enough for them. At night they go to the Red Light District in search of thrills. Getting bored with that too, they meet Lord Courtley (Ralph Bates). He offers them a real thrill. After buying the blood of the legendary Count Dracula, along with his jewelery and cape the Lord begins an occult ceremony. They have to drink the blood of Dracula. Somehow the three men feel disgusted and beat Courtley to death. Throughout that the resurrection of Dracula starts to happen. The Count (Christopher Lee) is now seeking revenge. He uses the son and daughters of the three men to kill them. What follows is nudity and a little gore, Hammer Studios galore. The dance scene with the woman with a snake around her neck reminded me of a similar scene in "From Dusk Till Dawn" (1996). Maybe Robert Rodriguez copied it from this movie? The ending of the film was very dissapointing and boring. But nothing new, it's typical Hammer style. The film is watchable, so check it out. For the longtime Hammer fans its definitley a must see! -- GBS
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