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A female moonshiner-informant winds up dead in a hotel room inside the "swamp country" of Okefenokee and all the blame is immediately pinned on a photographer named Dave (David DaLie) who was just snoozing next door. Not willing to be taken in by the authorities, Dave takes off into the swamp. At first, I wondered how an overweight,middle-aged lookin' buffoon from San Diego could outfox and outhustle the local redneck posse so easily. But isn't untill later when we find out that ol' Dave is a hardened WWII vet who knows how to survive in the jungle. Meanwhile, there's a love triangle going on between the sheriff (Rex Allen), a wandering guitar player (Baker Knight) and the local hottie named Nora (Carolyn Gilbert). And since it's a small town, Nora is able to make contact with Dave and agrees to help him out of the swamp and clear his name.


Though the story manages to bring all plot points together, It's an uneventful process to get through and anyone would be damn crazy to watch this flick more than once. Though I do admit to liking a few of the first songs that the guitar player provides for our entertainment, it sure became excrutiating when he decides to add 4 more for the soundtrack.

Reviewed by Laydback

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