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This film was shot in Arizona around 1975 and features some of Russ's favorite buxom superbabes. The story begins when we meet a young guy named Clint (Charles Pitts) who works in a gas station for his boss Martin Bormann. Enter SuperLorna (Shari Eubanks). She gets out of her sportscar, and oh boy is she HOT! SuperLorna catches Clint's attention and as he talks on the phone to his wife SuperAngel (Christie Hartburg), SuperLorna jiggles her way over to him. SuperAngel want s him home right away, but SuperLorna is really grabbing his...attention. SuperLorna leaves (please come back!!) and Clint arrives home and his wife proceeds to hornilly hump him. Clint pushes her off him and she then berates him and they get into a wrest ling match. SuperAngel gets so pissed she takes an axe and smashes his truck with it and Clint drives off with the axe still stuck in his hood. When he gets to a bar in town, we see a familiar face, its SuperHaji (Haji of Faster PussycatKill Kill). SuperHaji is dressed up in a strange Indian outfit.

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SuperAngel finds another man to satisfy her in the form of the town sheriff Harry Sledge (Charles Napier, The Blues Brothers, First Blood Part II). SuperAngel gives him the same treatment as Clint, but he can't get it up and winds up getting bitched at by SuperAngel. Harry takes so much of her insults then gets dressed in black and ends up killing her with a brutal, bloody stomping in the bathtub. The film goes from zany to downright violent. This sequ ence is highly effective and very explosive.

Clint finds out that he's the main suspect in the murder, so his boss gives him some money and tells him to get outta town. Clint gets a ride by a couple, then finds himself at a farmhouse in the country where he meets an old farmer and his German bride, another buxom queen named Supersoul (Uschi Digard). Clint cant keep his eyes off Supersoul and pretty quickly shes hopping on him and theyre getting it on. When the farmer catches them humping in the barn, Clint has to take off once again as the farmer vaults a pitchfork at him as he runs away. Clint's next stop is a small hotel, where he gets a room and meets another Superbabe who happens to be a black girl with a white father. What the hell? The babe can't talk so she communicates with sign language.

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Clint arrives at a gas station in the desert. The name of the place is Supervixen's Oasis, the station is owned by Super Vixen (Shari Eubanks in a second role). Clint and Supervixen become friends and he ends up working at the garage. One day, none other than Harry the killer sheriff shows up and recognizes Clint. Harry takes Supervixen hostage and Clint has to save her. What will happen next?!

For fans of Russ Meyer, Supervixen is overflowing with Sexploitation fun. You'll get Ultra busty babes (my favorite is Shari Eubanks), Charles Napier plays one of his best villains in this. He is one crazy redneck killer. He has that evil smile full of teeth that gives you the willies. While Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! maintained a plot, Russ' later films (including this one) are very much a freeform adventure in filmmaking. There is no real solid story, its more of a group of random sequences full of sex, comedy and violence. Thats not a bad thing, but it may cause some viewers to get annoyed or lose interest.


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