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Superchick (1973, USA) is a Sex-Comedy film directed by Ed Forsyth

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Main Details

  • Released in 1973
  • Color
  • Runtime: 94 min
  • Production Co: Marimark
  • Distribution Co: Crown International Pictures (1973) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Ed Forsyth
  • Written by Gary Crutcher
  • Starring: Joyce Jillson, Louis Quinn, Thomas Reardon, Tony Young, John Carradine, Uschi Digard, Candy Samples, Gus Peters, Norman Bartold, Timothy Wayne Brown, Ralph Campbell, Gary Crutcher, John Donovan, Steve Drexel, Matthew Forsyth
  • Produced by John H. Burrows
  • Original Music by Allan Alper
  • Cinematography by Paul Hipp
  • Film Editing by Ed Forsyth

Plot Summary

  • Tara B. True is a flight attendant who makes a weekly swing through New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. In each city, she has a man: Edward, older and wealthy; Johnny, a beach bum with gambling debts; and, Davey, a rock musician on the cusp of success. Tara is a free spirit, faithful to each man in her own way, and so stunning that she dresses in a wig and ill-fitting uniform while she's working so men won't harass her constantly. The low-life whom Johnny is in debt to figures out a way to use Tara to help him execute a daring in-flight robbery. But will Tara stand by helplessly, or is Superchick ready for action?

Also Known As

  • Colpo grosso al jumbo jet (Italy)
  • Super Chick
  • Superchic


  • She's Much More Than You've Ever Had Before!
  • A Supercharged Girl! Always Ready For Action... Of Any Kind!!
  • Everything You Ever Wanted In A Woman And More... A Lot More!
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