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DISC ONE: While the film itself isnt exactly complex, the DVD presentation really is full up with extra features including introduction to the film by Brian Trenchard-Smith and Sorcery guitarist Smokey Huffs. Interviews with director Brian Trenchard-Smith and Sorcery members: Smokey Huffs, Richard Blackburn and Marty Fink. Audio interview with Sorcery drummer Perry Morris. Theatrical trailer included.

DISC TWO: The Stuntman: A 1973 television documentary directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. A behind the scenes look in-depth look at how stunts for movies are set up and executed. Featuring veteran stuntmen: Bob Woodham, Grant Page, Graham Mathrick, Freddy Nelson & Warren Campbell. Evening at the Alamo Drafthouse: A Q & A session at Austin, Texas' famous cinema. Cannes Promo Reel. Code Red Trailers.


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