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  • Meiko Kaji and the alleycats try to help two US army deserters flee to Sweden in yet another entertaining if not quite excellent Stray Cat Rock film. Director Hasebe has taken a brighter approach (despite dealing with subjects like LSD) after the grim and dark third film. Music and club scenes are firmly included, and Kaji also gets to sing a little bit. By now she had established her position as the star of the series. Nevertheless, here her role is not quite as strong here as last time, perhaps because the main plot doesn’t directly concern her character. The most interesting actor in the film is actually Tatsuya Fuji, who is the male lead in all of the Stray Cat Rock films. After his vicious racist performance in Sex Hunter he's almost unrecognizable in the opening scenes of Machine Animal as a bullied average man. The villain is played by the ever reliable future Toei bad guy Eiji Go. Han Bunjaku returns to the series after one film break as Go’s girlfriend. Unfortunately her small role in not much to get excited about. The closing scene is quite unexpected, not entirely satisfying but refreshingly different. --HungFist
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