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  • The technical consultant for the film was Frank R. Bowerman, who was president of the American Academy for Environmental Protection at the time.
  • The scene where Thorn and Roth share a meal of fresh food was not originally in the script, but was ad-libbed by Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson at director Richard Fleischer's request.
  • The video game in Simonson's apartment, "Computer Space", was one of the first coin-operated video games, manufactured by Nutting Associates in 1971 and designed by Nolan Bushnell, who later founded Atari and designed "Pong". The video game was painted white for the movie but the original color was either yellow, red or blue.
  • One set of scenes in the original release, where a second family is housed with Thorn and Roth, was deleted from later copies of the film.
  • The original title of Harry Harrison's book, Make Room! Make Room!, was changed by the producers, who feared that audiences would confuse it with the Danny Thomas TV series Make Room for Daddy.
  • Edward G. Robinson was almost totally deaf when he made this movie, and only able to hear anyone if they spoke directly into his ear. Because of this, scenes with him talking to other people had to be shot several times before he got the rhythm of the dialogue and was able to respond to people as if he could really hear them. And because he was unable to hear director Richard Fleischer yell "cut" when a scene went wrong, Robinson would often continue acting out the scene, unaware that shooting had stopped seconds earlier.
  • The word soylent is supposed to suggest soy + lentil.
  • All of the dialogue for actor Mike Henry ("Sgt. Kulozik") was dubbed. The actor's slight Southern drawl did not fit in with the New York cop character he was playing.
  • Among the buildings in the matte "skyline" in the background of the early scene where Gilbert crosses the drainage ditch, one can see the Marina City towers (Chicago) and the Transamerica Pyramid (San Francisco).
  • Edward G. Robinson's final film performance.
  • The last film shot at MGM studios.
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