Soldier Blue

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Soldier Blue (1970, USA) is a cult Western directed by Ralph Nelson.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1970
  • Color
  • Running Time: 115 Min. (Argentina) | 114 Min. (UK cut version) | USA:112 Min. (original release) | 115 Min. (US uncut version, Released 2006)
  • Production Co: AVCO Embassy Pictures, Katzka-Loeb
  • Distribution Co: AVCO Embassy Pictures (USA theatrical)
  • Directed by Ralph Nelson
  • Written by Theodore V. Olsen (novel), John Gay (screenplay)
  • Starring Candice Bergen, Peter Strauss, Donald Pleasance, John Anderson, Jorge Rivero, Dana Elcar, Bob Carraway, Martin West, James Hampton
  • Produced by William S. Gilmore, Gabriel Katzka, Joseph E. Levine, Harold Loeb
  • Original Music by Roy Budd
  • Cinematography by Robert B. Hauser
  • Film Editing by Alex Beaton


  • The most savage film in history!
  • The order was massacre, and good soldiers follow orders. These soldiers were the best.
  • Stained with the blood of the innocent.
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