So Sweet...So Perverse

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So Sweet...So Perverse (1969, Italy) is a Giallo directed by Umberto Lenzi


Main Details

  • Released in 1969
  • Color
  • Running time: 92 minutes
  • Production Co: Zenith Cinematografica/Flora Film/Tritone Filmindustria Roma S.r.l./CEDIC/Rapid Film GmbH
  • Directed by Umberto Lenzi
  • Produced by Jacques-Paul Bertrand, Mino Loy, Luciano Martino
  • Screenplay by Ernesto Gastaldi
  • Starring Carroll Baker, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Erika Blanc, Horst Frank
  • Music by Riz Ortolani
  • Cinematography Guglielmo Mancori
  • Edited by Eugenio Alabiso

Plot Summary

  • A wealthy married man comes to the aid of a frightened young woman who, by all appearances, is under the control of her abusive boyfriend.
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