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  • Huan is the leader of the Shaolin Eighteen Brave Men. With a paper dagger he made himself a name. His 18 men follow him to their death. They steal from the rich and give it to the poor. Mio is the leader of the 36 Bronzemen. He's ready to join Huan. But then he refuses. He doesn't know that he made enemies with him through that. Everytime he thinks he's closer to his goal one of the Shaolin Eighteen Brave Men dies. I enjoyed this film. Some great scenes were in it like: Beating people to death with rubber axes, killing people with a paper dagger and a flying magic bracelet. What more do you want? (haha). By the way, don't get this one confused with The 18 Bronzemen (1976). This film has nothing to do with that one. Now I think I will build my own paper dagger just in case I have to defend myself. Recommended! --GBS
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