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  • Adultery leads to black magic in this effective Shaw horror. The first 40 minutes, however, are quite restained on the horror front and concentrate heavily on story. It works alright, though, as the actors are not too bad. Especially Phillip Ko is a fitting if not overly original choice for the lead role. Gore buffs may still get bored, although the director tries his best to make up for lack of graphic violence with generous amounts female nudity. The second half is when the shocks come in. The first ones are warm up, light weight stuff like worms coming out of a (living) man’s mouth and brain eating. But just wait for the finale, it’s a hurricane of special effects and gore. And it’s all surprisingly well done, not far behind films like The Thing (which obviously inspired some of the mayhem). The music at the end had me scratcing my head for some time before I realized where I had heard it before; the same piece plays in James Cameron’s Aliens (the scene with Ripley and Newt in the elevator at the end, trying to escape from the Alien queen). That should raise a few questions... --HungFist
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