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  • Anarchistic period pink comedy from Chusei Sone. Cute girls Yuko Katagiri and Meika Seri star as poor girls who later hook up with two samurai. The film is not too shabby in its own genre, but ultimately doesn’t have anything too memorable to offer. The humour is decently fun, and the lack of long and constant sex scenes comes as a positive surprise (although no doubt the production year also played a role here... Nikkatsu did not require their directors to be quite as dirty in 1973 as later in the 70’s and 80’s). But Sone has done better films, and so have the leading actresses. Despite the familiar sounding title, Crimson Goddess In Paradise does not appear to be a part of the Secret Chronicle prostitute series. Cast and crew wise it could be just as well; Katagiri played the lead role in the first film of the fore-mentioned trilogy (Secret Chronicle: Prostitute Market), directed by Sone, while Seri was the star of Noboru Tanaka’s excellent concluding part; Secret Chronicle: She-Beast Market. All these films – and even a few more - were produced around the same time in the early 70’s. --HungFist
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