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Screwballs DVD is presented in (1:66:1) Widescreen. The picture is clear with no visible artifacts. Colors are bright. The audio is Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono and comes through nicely.

Special Features: Severin Films has given longtime fans of 80s teen sex comedies a real extra treat with its interview featurettes with the cast and crew. Director Rafal Zielinski discusses his ideas for Screwballs and what it took to get the film made. Cowriter/star Linda Shayne and Co-writer Jim Wynorski recall their time working with Roger Corman/New World and the genesis of Screwballs from page to screen. The two pals remember their scriptwriting sessions and how excited they were when the film was test screened to receptive audiences. Star Kent Deuters (Brent) talks about working on the film. Special FX Artist Gerald Lukaniuk...Canuxploitation scholar Paul Corupe....Mr Skin Talks Sex Comedies of the 80s

Also included: Deleted Scenes, Theatrical trailer.


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