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  • Cherie Currie (The Runaways) was originally cast as Brenda.
  • While filming scenes on Hollywood Blvd. Actor/Director Jack Starrett showed up drunk on the street and asked for a role in the film. When Producer John Strong obliged Starrett's request he walked away.
  • Brinke Stevens auditioned for the role of Heather, alongside good friend Linnea Quigley, who ended up getting the role instead. Brinke actually drove Linnea to the audition.
  • 'Tom DeSimone' was originally attached to direct but quit after only a few days of filming. This put the film on hold, prompting certain cast members to pursue other projects (such as Debra Blee, whose character inexplicably disappears in the second half of the film). Danny Steinman was eventually hired as DeSimone's replacement.
  • During the film's premiere in New York City, 'Linda Blair' made appearances at both the RKO Warner and the Loews Orpheum to meet fans and give away soundtrack albums and photos.
  • With the exception of a rare independent edition by Turbo Productions in 2005, the soundtrack has never been released on CD.
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