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  • If you haven't seen "Satan's Sadists", the movie is about a biker gang who likes to cruise around and cause trouble. The movie introduces you to each character in the film and then introduces you to Johnny who is hitchhiking to Los Angeles to have some fun. An older married couple picks him up on the side of the road. The old guy is a police officer and hits it off with Johnny the hitchhiker because Johnny just got back from Vietnam and served his time in the Marines. To make a long story short, they decide to grab a bite to eat at the local restaurant. That's when all hell breaks loose. The biker gang "Satan's Sadists" decides to enjoy some fine dining at this joint too and picks a fight with everybody there. The gang takes the owner of the restaurant and the old couple outside and rapes the wife while the husband sits there and is forced to watch. They then kill all three of them. While this is happening the marine kills two of the bikers inside the restaurant and takes the waitress with him to try to escape. It's then a long frantic chase through the desert between the marine, the waitress and the biker gang. With lots of nonstop action and bad acting,this movie is a classic piece of trash cinema. While it's not my all time favorite Al Adamson film, this is still a film that every time I watch it, I always forget how much I really enjoy it. My favorite character in this film would have to be "Acid". Acid likes to trip with people and would slip acid into peoples drink any chance that he could. --Horace Bones
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