SS Hell Pack: Volume 2

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See also: SS Hell Pack: Volume 1


S.S. Hell Camp

Meet the diabolical Dr. Krast, a sadistic female Nazi scientist who makes ILSA THE SHE WOLF look like DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN! She creates a barbaric, sex-crazed Neanderthal beast that feeds upon the beautiful women tossed into its cage! The demented diva doctor will stop at nothing to further her series of shocking and depraved experiments on human guinea pigs. Can the partisan forces fight the Nazis, liberate the prison camp and put an end to the doctor’s scientific atrocities in time to save the beast’s next human meal?

Gestapo's Last Orgy

Under the iron-fisted rule of Commandant Starker is a special prison camp for women frequented by pleasure-seeking Nazis on leave. Disenchanted with the usual Nazi decadence, the Commandant develops a fatal attraction to a beautiful prisoner, Lise, who seems undeterred by the nastiness that surrounds her. It becomes his goal to break her will by subjecting her to some of the most unspeakable tortures and atrocities ever witnessed, including a banquet scene your mind won't easily erase. Years later, Lise lures theCommandant back to the scene of the hate-crimes for some serious closure. One of the sickest entries of the Naziploitation genre, GESTAPO'S LAST ORGY takes a rather artistic approach to its utterly repellant subject matter.

The Red Nights of the Gestapo

An influential group of German industrialists seek to end the Nazi reign of terror and kill Hitler. But their plan is uncovered by the Gestapo. As a response, the SS forms an elite, covert squad of 12 beautiful women fully trained in the sexual arts. Their mission: to discover the traitors sexual weaknesses and exploit them to destroy the conspiracy. What results is an orgy of sex, violence and death as only an Italian-made Nazi film can deliver it.


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