Rude Boy

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Rude Boy (1980, UK) is a Rock N Roll Documentary directed by Jack Hazan, David Mingay.


Main Details

  • Released in February 1980 (Berlin International Film Festival)
  • Color
  • Running Time: 133 Min.
  • Production Co: Buzzy Enterprises | Michael White Productions
  • Distribution Co: Tigon Film Distributors (1980) (UK) (theatrical) | Atlantic Releasing Corporation
  • Produced and Directed by Jack Hazan, David Mingay
  • Written by Ray Gange, David Mingay
  • Starring: The Clash, Dave Armstrong, Barry Baker
  • Original Music by Mick Jones, Joe Strummer
  • Cinematography by Jack Hazan
  • Film Editing by Peter Goddard, David Mingay

Plot Summary

  • A young British punk and roadie for The Clash navigates life in socially torn 1970s England.


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