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  • Kyle Hanson (Dirk Benedict), a Vietnam veteran is traumatized from his days in 'NAM' and back in the States now. He hasn't spoke a word for 14 months. At a local fast food store he orders something to eat. The local dipstick gang can't wait to kick his ass. After some fights he meets Jenny Bellows (Linda Blair). First she's afraid of him but then she starts liking him. Her husband was also in Vietnam but he's already dead (which she doesn't know yet). The Sheriff tells the dipsticks to back off Kyle so he maybe will leave the town, but of course nobody listens to him and they still wanna hunt Kyle down. After several auto-explosions, dynamite and arrow shootings later he is the one that's hunting THEM down. I really enjoyed the movie. Dirk Benedict is great. Somehow the film reminded me of 'Rambo' with Sylvester Stallone and Ruckus was made 2 years earlier. Overall great Low-Budget B Movie. --GBS
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