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  • Lets get this out of the way; despite being one of Nikkatsu’s most acclaimed directors, Masaru Konuma hasn’t impressed me too often. But, he has made a couple of films I’ve enjoyed, too (Image of a Bound Girl and Woman in the Box II coming to mind). I can’t deny him having some talent... although Rope and Breasts once again makes me wonder what the hell was he thinking. Probably not much. The first half is character drama, only that it lacks drama and characterization. The rest is sm fun. Nami Matsukawa and Ryousei Tayama play a couple who have sex, walk on the streets, have more sex, and ultimately find their way into the punishment cellar. The whole production feels strangely unpassionate. It’s as if Konuma was sitting in the editing room, very bored, every 15 minutes deciding to turn the music on while the rest plays silently. Perhaps he was trying to prove Shogoro Nishimura is an exciting filmmaker. And indeed, that would take some talent. --HungFist
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