Riot on Sunset Strip

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Riot on Sunset Strip (1967, USA) is a Teen-Rock n' Roll film directed by Arthur Dreifuss.


Main Details

  • Released in 1967
  • Color
  • Running Time: 87 Min.
  • Production Co: Four-Leaf Productions
  • Distribution Co: American International Pictures (AIP) (1967) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Arthur Dreifuss
  • Written by Orville H. Hampton
  • Starring Aldo Ray, Mimsy Farmer, Michael Evans, Laurie Mock, Tim Rooney, Bill Baldwin, Anna Strasberg
  • Produced by Sam Katzman
  • Original Music by Fred Karger
  • Cinematography by Paul Vogel
  • Film Editing by Ben Lewis

Plot Summary

  • LA police captain attempts to appease Sunset Strip businessmen objecting to hippy youths hanging out, by setting a curfew. The cop also thinks the kids have a right to be there, until his estranged daughter joins the counter-culture crowd.


  • Meet the Hippies...the Teenyboppers with their too-tight capris...and the Pot-Partygoers - out for a new thrill...a new kick!
  • See for yourself their Mod, mad world... without law or license, morals or manners, God or goal!
  • The most shocking film of our generation!
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