Revenge of the Dead/BluRay

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  • Region A
  • Studio: Code Red
  • Special Features and Technical Specs: Interview with director Pupi Avati and star Gabrielle Lavia • In English or Italian with English subtitles
  • TBR November 2018


  • Label: X-Rated
  • Eurocult-Collection #41
  • Release date: February 2018
  • Limited editions Cover A (444 copies), B (333 copies), C (222 copies), D (111 copies)
  • Worldwide BluRay premiere based on an exclusive new high quality HD master
  • Extras: audio commentary by Christian Kessler; exclusive audio commentary by Prof Dr Marcus Stiglegger; set visit; German publicity materials; Italian publicity materials; 20 page booklet with contributions by Christoph Kellerbach and Bodo Traber; US teaser; Italian trailer; German trailer
  • Runtime: 100min
  • Audio: German, Italian
  • Subtitles: German, English
  • Video: 1.85:1 widescreen HD 1080p
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