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  • In China, a revolution is spreading while the people get exploited by the Japanese. Some of the people decide to fight back and they form 'The Brotherhood of the Black Spider'. Their leader is Fun Yun Chin (Carter Wong). He is the head of the school of 'The Golden Dragon' where everybody wants to learn Kung Fu. The antagonist is Lei Chen Tien (James Tien). He knows about 'The Brotherhood' and tries to hires spies to get information. Fan Yun Ching's mother gets abducted and is used as a hostage. They try to blackmail him to destroy 'The Brotherhood'. Now all of Fun Yun Chins proficiency is claimed to win. A bloody battle will be the result. This film is nothing special in the Martial Arts film genre. But Carter Wong does a great job as usual. I enjoyed the Shaolin Monk who was fighting a lot with his head. You don't see that too often in a Kung Fu flick. If you are a Martial Arts fan then it's a must see. If you are new to the genre then start off with another film like The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978). May Buddha be with you. --GBS
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