Red-Headed Woman

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Red-Headed Woman (1932, USA) is a Romantic Comedy film directed by Jack Conway.


Main Details

  • Released on June 25, 1932
  • B&W
  • Running time: 79 minutes
  • Production and Distribution Co.: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • Directed by Jack Conway
  • Written by Anita Loos (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Felix E. Feist, Bess Meredyth and C. Gardner Sullivan are uncredited), from Katharine Brush's book
  • Starring: Jean Harlow, Chester Morris, Lewis Stone

Plot Summary

  • Lil works for the Legendre Company and causes Bill to divorce Irene and marry her. She has an affair with businessman Gaerste and uses him to force society to pay attention to her. She has another affair with the chauffeur Albert.


  • The Red-Headed Woman's Code: Every man - single or married - is fair prey.
  • Is the red-headed woman different from other women?
  • IS IT TRUE ABOUT RED-HEADED GIRLS? Ask their husbands or sweethearts...or else see this picture! (Print Ad- The Sun, ((New York, NY)) 28 June 1932)
  • the public enemy of sweethearts and wives!- yet Science says she's not to blame! (Print Ad- Cortland Standard, ((Cortland, NY)) 16 July 1932)
  • Every thrill that held a million readers now comes to life! The fascinating drama of the small-town siren with big ideas! (Print Ad-Daily Kentucky New Era, ((Hopkinsville, Ky.)) 2 August 1932)
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