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  • If youve seen Jack Hill's classic blaxploitation film Foxy Brown, you'll recognize some of the names associated with this films production (Buzz Feitshans, Brick Marquard). Another Foxy Brown alum, Peter Brown plays the main villain, a flamboyant rapist who wears a hockey mask (pre-Jason) and forces his victims to sing Jingle Bells as hes having sex with them. We see two graphic rapes to witness how he operates (the first one almost looks like a sequence out of Friday The 13th). We then meet several other women who have all been the victims of this same sicko. When the police give some of the victims a hard time (accusing several of "asking for it") and dont come through in arresting the rapist (who is given the nickname "Jingle Bells"), the women decide to start their own vigilante group and begin handing out flyers and fighting back against all men who prey on women. The movie mixes a girl gang theme (seen in Jack Hill's cult classic Switchblade Sisters) with the rape-revenge storyline. Peter Brown's portrayal of the rapist is one of the boldest of its kind Ive seen in exploitation cinema. He not only rapes the women, he records what hes thinking about doing, he spies on and takes nude pictures of them, breaks into their apartments. The girls use karate and they love to smash up cars and/or furniture when they are in rape squad mode. This one almost seemed like a Jack Hill film that he didnt direct. Classic AIP exploitation. Recommended!! - Pete
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