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  • This sequel to Female Demon Ohyaku is where the heaven begins. Quick-Draw Okatsu is the cream de la cream of violent female swordplay movies. Junko Miyazono returns in different role as a woman raving for revenge. Although she gives a very solid performance she’s actually the weakest link in the cast. The first super delighter is Reiko Oshida, Toei’s purest gift to the female action genre. Appearing in one of the early roles of her career, she plays the mysterious samurai girl character with her trademark energy and delinquent attitude. Both girls handle the sword well, but are naturally overshadowed by the sword god Tomisaburo Wakayama. This time he’s not casted as the comic relief or respected yakuza boss but his own badass himself. The lone wolf, a one man army. --HungFist
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