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Original music by Mike Leander. Vocals by Paul Jones unless otherwise noted.

TRACK LISTING: A1.Privilege (written by Mike Leander and Paul Jones) A2.Stephen (instrumental) A3.Vanessa (instrumental) A4.Free Me (written by Mike Leander and Mark London) A5.It's Overothernesstime A6.Free Me (Reprise) B1.I've Been A Bad, Bad Boy B2.Onward Christian Soldiers (arranged by Mike Leander, vocals by George Bean and The Runner Beans) B3.I'm Alright Jackboot (instrumental) B4.Alvin (instrumental) B5.Jerusalem (written by Charles Hubert Hastings Parry [credited as H. Parry], vocals by George Bean and The Runner Beans) B6.Birmingham, Oh Birmingham (instrumental)

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