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World War 2: Norway: A plane with some top secret cargo (Radar Equipment) was shot down over "Once Occupied Norway". With that technology the germans could finally win the war (but only when they can repair it). One of the aircraft captains survives the crash seriously injured so that they have to hide him (to regain his strength) in a hospital to get his knowledge about the technology.

Suddenly, The Duke (Henry Silva) takes over the job to destroy the "Radar Equipment". He and some Norwegians guerrillas succeeded the mission but didn't know it was all a spoof. The real cargo was in a Milk Wagon and is now in a secret place (a cavern on a shore only reachable through the water and then climbing up the rocks).

Back at headquarters. Duke picks out a team for the new mission. His picks are well made. We've got an expert climber, a sailor who's a smuggler but which can speak norwegian, an italian which survived a submarine raid and a frogman. On their way to Norway (on a boat) they come into a german "Nazi Raid" and they have to kill every german. Nothing spectacular but one of his picked out dudes decided to quit the mission and dives away. Guess what? The Duke don't likes that and kills him the sharpshooters way. Will the mission fulfilled? Who will die next? Will Hitler be in this film?

Dario Argento was involved into the writing process. Storywise it's a good story. But now comes the critic out of me. This film with a little more action (the War way) could have been a favorite of mine. It's definitely good cinema so don't get me wrong but a little bit more action would have been the cream of the crop. Now the plus point: The ending of this motion picture is just awesome. Too bad they don't make such endings nowadays anymore. The ending of the film was very emotional. No joke. I got goosebumps. Can't tell you more because no Spoilers allowed. Watch this film and when you will see the end you maybe will know what I mean (or maybe feel). Recommended!

By the way. The opening credits say: Music by Bruno Nicolai. No other websites have his name under Original Music by. Strange... Ah I've forgot...I'm german so its much fun for me to watch those World War 2 Exploitation flicks. I'm out!

Reviewed by GBS - 10/22/08

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