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  • Bob Clark directed this film at the same time he was helming A Christmas Story (1983). Even the "major award" (the racy mannequin's leg in fishnet stockings-lamp) makes an appearance when the kids are performing the sword-fight scene of William Shakespeare's "MacBeth" onstage.
  • According to the '80s Rewind' website, the studio did not want to make A Christmas Story (1983) but allowed it, so 'Bob Clark' would make this sequel Porky's II: The Next Day (1983).
  • The picture was nominated for Worst Picture at the Hastings Bad Cinema Society's 6th Stinkers Bad Movie Awards in 1983.
  • The characters of Porky, Honeywell and Cherry Forever, who all appeared in Porky's (1981), do not appear in this Porky's II: The Next Day (1983) sequel.
  • This was the second and final "Porky's" film directed by Bob Clark. Porky's Revenge (1985) was directed by James Komack.
  • This sequel was made and released only about fifteen months after the first original Porky's (1981) picture.
  • The meaning and relevance of this film's "Porky's" word in the title was explained by 'Halliwells' who explicated that the "title refers to a redneck establishment out in the everglades known for its available women" that appeared in the original film Porky's (1981). However, the Porky character, nor his "Porky's" establishment (which got demolished at the end of the first film), appear in this sequel, yet the movie is still called Porky's II: The Next Day (1983).
  • The name of the religious group headed by the Reverend Bubba Flavel (Bill Wiley) was "The Righteous Flock".
  • The yellow 1947 Crosley convertible featured in this film was borrowed from a family member of the original Crosley Motors.
  • Bob Clark performed a number of roles on this movie. Clark performed a cameo as a klansman klan member, was a main producer on the picture, was one of the screenwriters, and was the picture's film director.
  • Bob Clark stated in the 2006 DVD commentary for Porky's (1981) that he used his real life High School and College experience as the basis for various characters, and compares himself closest to Pee Wee, Billy and Tommy (the brains); others characters were based in real life friends or people he went to school and college with.
  • As in the original Porky's (1981) picture, the nick-name of Edward Morris (Dan Monahan) was "Pee Wee", whilst the nick-name of Anthony Tuperello (Tony Ganios) was "Meat".
  • Actor Dan Monahan, who played Pee Wee, worked with director Bob Clark previously on Porky's (1981), and later as well on Baby Geniuses (1999) and From the Hip (1987).
  • The name of the theatre stage play by William Shakespeare that was staged and performed by the students was "Macbeth" (c. 1599-1606).
  • A number of the character names in the movie were double entendres. These included Meat, Pee Wee, and Balbricker. In the original first film Porky's (1981), other character names with double meanings, also included Porky, Honeywell and Cherry Forever.
  • A few shots of scenes from the first film Porky's (1981) are played during the opening credits.
  • The character name of Beulah Balbricker (Nancy Parsons) was a joke reference to her being a "ball-breaker". She is even referred to being a "ball-breaker" in one scene in the original Porky's (1981). The character in the closing credits is simply billed as Balbricker as she was in the first movie.
  • This motion picture's opening title card reads "The Next Day", which is the same as the film's subtitle, and creates confusion as to whether the title is just only "Porky's II", or Porky's II: The Next Day (1983), as the two title cards are in the same pink font typeface, but are separated in time by a montage of a number of shots and scenes.
  • Actor Anthony Tuperello (Tony Ganios) playing "Meat" appears in drag in this movie.
  • The Australian DVD sleeve notes declare that "...much of the original cast [from Porky's (1981)] is back [for this sequel]".
  • The name of the educational institution was the fictional "Angel Beach High School".
  • The name that religious leader Reverend Bubba Flavel (Bill Wiley) labeled the Klan members were "The Spawn of Satan".
  • Director Cameo: Bob Clark: One of the klan member Klansmen.
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