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A daring escape at a women's prison has been mostly foiled by a female jail guard, Lacy Bond (Sondra Currie) who singlehandedly reduces the huge number of escaping inmates to just two, thanks to her ass-kicking karate skills. Lacy's brave heroics cause Inspector Martell (Chuck Daniel) to ask Lacy to volunteer as an infiltrator to help bring down the local female mob boss, Maude (Elizabeth Stuart) and we're talking one of the most oldest-looking mob bosses you'll ever see in a movie! It appears that the two inmates who successfully escaped, Janette (Laurie Rose) and Pam (Jeannie Bell) are on their way to meet up with Maude to participate in Maude's latest caper which is to run off with over $75,000 in gold. After breezing through some field training including weapons,driving, and hand-to-hand combat (The lone scene in which William Smith appears in) Lacy seems to immediately graduate to supercop status and is given the rough assignment. Will she breeze through it just like she did in training?

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The exploitative, dynamic duo of Wes Bishop & Lee Frost (Who also appear in the film in minor roles) seem to be having the time of their lives with this one. Rightfully so as Policewomen is fun from start to (Almost) finish. Notice the hesitation there at that last comment. The movie doesn't pack a rousing finale, but getting there is definetly fun. The cast of this flick mostly has a lot to do with that. The attractive Sondra Currie has good screen presence and makes you a believer of how much of an ass-kicker she can be with her exaggerated karate snarls! Lacy's love interest, and cop partner, Frank Mitchell (Tony Young) often does his best "Cool" impersonation while speaking most of his lines in grumbling fashion (and I thought I was laid back!) Maude's much younger enforcer husband, Doc (Phil Hoover) seems to steal the show with his unintentionally (?) funny-line delivery and dim-witted acting ability. And last but certainly not least, Miss TNT Jackson herself joins the fun as a multi-dimensional charcter.

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Other notable things about this movie is it's musical score. Believe me, once you see and hear the opening credits to this one, you know you're in for a good ride. Plus the romantic theme really adds to the atmosphere to remind you what kind of movie you're watching (Though no credit for the musical arrangement seems to be listed, it's possible that the score was perhaps lifted from another film) Though I'm not a big fan of the 007 flick, Goldfinger, I bring this up because there's some obvious influence to be found in the script.


Aside from some of the quintessential nods to gadgetry that Lacy recieves for her mission, there's the addition of an all-girl gang run by Maude (Similar to Goldfinger's plane pilots) along with the plot of gold-heisting and the use of a military disguise. But unlike Goldfinger, Policewomen succeeds in giving me what I want. Thus making it much more of a joy to watch. I know I'm not alone on appreciating this movie. And if you've yet to discover the wonders of Policewomen the wait will be quite worth it.

Reviewed by Laydback

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