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  • As shown beneath the closing credits, Maggie Cheung suffered a major head injury while trying to outrun the falling metal frames. Cheung was unable to finish the movie after this incident, so you never see her face. She is always shown from a distance. Crystal Kwok, who plays a policewoman in this movie, filled in as Cheung's double for the remainder of the movie.
  • Jackie Chan smashed into the wrong glass pane, causing severe cuts to his wrist and head. This scene is actually used in the movie, and the outtakes show the pain.
  • Jackie Chan sings the theme song in the outtakes.
  • During the restaurant fight scene, one camera had been destroyed. Also, one stuntman suffered an injury when he crashed through the glass (this scene appeared in the outtakes).
  • Jackie Chan's real father Charles Chan made a cameo appearance as a foot passenger in an earlier scene.
  • Jackie Chan hired American pyrotechinics for the explosions in the movie.
  • Chow Yun-Kin appeared in Police Story (1985) as Koo's man. He plays a different villain character here as Ken.
  • Chiao Chiao, who played May's (Maggie Cheung's) aunt in this movie, was married to Kenneth Tsang, who played Khun Chaibat in Police Story 3 (1992).
  • First Police Story movie not to feature the "jump and hang" scene made famous in Police Story (1985). Inspector Chan did this again in Supercop (1992) and Police Story 4: First Strike (1996).
  • This is the first movie in the franchise where a girlfriend of Chan is kidnapped by the primary antagonist, although Chan is kidnapped in this movie as well.
  • Jackie Chan and Crystal Kwok appeared in Dragons Forever (1988).
  • Body count: four.
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